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Journal papers


[J142] T.T. Hoang,† A. M. Cunio,† S. Zhao, T.-V. Nguyen, S. Peng, S. Liaw, T. Barber, J. Zhang, S. Farajikhah, F. Dehghani, T.N. Do,* H.-P. Phan,* Flexible, wearable mechano-acoustic sensors for real-time, wireless monitoring of low frequency body sounds, Advanced Sensor Research, Accepted 2024. 


[J141] X. Lin, A. Vasanth, A. Ashok, H.-P. Phan, K.M. Koo, M.A. Amin, Y.V. Kaneti, C. Salomon, Md S.A. Hossain,* Y. Yamauchi, M. K. Masud*, Nanoarchitectonics of Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Sweat Biomarkers Analysis , Nano Material Science, Accepted, 2024. (IF: 9.9)

[J140] Y. Park, H. Luan, K. Kwon, T.S Chung, S. Oh, J.-Y. Yoo, G. Chung, J. Kim, S. Kim, S.S. Kwak, J. Choi, H.-P. Phan, S. Yoo, H. Jeong, J. Shin, S.M. Won, H.-J. Yoon, Y.H. Jung, J.A. Rogers, Soft, full Wheatstone bridge 3D pressure sensors for cardiovascular monitoring, NPJ Flexible Electronics, Accepted, 2024. (IF: 12.74)

[J139] Y. Qiu, A. Ashok, C.C. Nguyen, Y. Yamauchi, T.N. Do, H.-P. Phan*, Integrated Sensors for Soft Medical Robotics, Small, Accepted. (IF: 13.3) [Link]

[138] T. Dinh, M. Rais-Zadeh, T. Nguyen, H.-P. Phan, P. Song, R. Deo, D. Dao, N.-T. Nguyen, J. Bell, Micromachined Mechanical Resonant Sensors: From Materials, Structural Designs to Applications, Advanced Material Technologies, Accepted. [Link]  (IF: 5.4)

[J137] D.V. Nguyen, D. Mills, C.-D. Tran, T. Nguyen, H. Nguyen, T.L. Tran, P. Song, H.-P. Phan, N.-T. Nguyen, D.V. Dao, J. Bell, T. Dinh, Facile Fabrication of “Tacky”, Stretchable, Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheet-Based Electronics for On-Skin Health Monitoring, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Accepted. (IF: 9.5)


[J136] P. T. Phan,  J. Davies, T. T. Hoang, M. T. Thai, C. C. Nguyen,  A. Ji, K. Zhu, B. Sharma, E. Nicotra, C. Hayward, H.-P. Phan, N. H. Lovell, T. N. Do, "Robotic Cardiac Compression Device Using Artificial Muscle Filaments for the Treatment of Heart Failure", Advanced Intelligent Systems, Accepted, 2023. [Link]

[J135] K. Zhu, P. T. Phan, B. Sharma, J. Davies, M. T. Thai, T. T. Hoang, C. C. Nguyen,  A. Ji,  E. Nicotra, T.T. Vo-Doan, H.-P. Phan, N. H. Lovell, T. N. Do, Smart Textile-Driven Soft Exosuit for Spinal Assistance, Sensors,  23(19), 8329, 2023. [Link]

[J133] M.T. Thai et al.,  Soft Wearable Haptic Display and Flexible 3D Force Sensor for Teleoperated Surgical Systems, Advanced Sensors Research, Accepted 2023. [Link]

[J132] A. Ashok, A. Vasanth, T. Nagaura, C. Setter, J.K. Clegg, A. Fink, M.K. Masud, Md. Hossain, T. Hamada, M. Eguchi, H.-P. Phan,* Y. Yamauchi,*  Mesoporous Metastable CuTe2 Semiconductor, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), Accepted 2023. (* Corresponding author)  (IF: 15) [Link]

[J131] H. Nguyen, T. Nguyen, D.V. Nguyen, H.-P. Phan, T.-K. Nguyen, D.V. Dao, N.-T. Nguyen, J. Bell, T. Dinh, Enhanced photovoltaic effect in n-3C-SiC/p-Si heterostructure using a temperature gradient for microsensors, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Accepted 2023. (IF: 9.5)

[J130] P. T. Phan, D. Welch, J. Spiggle, M. T. Thai, T. T. Hoang, J. Davies, C. C. Nguyen, K. Zhu, H.-P. Phan, N. H. Lovell, T. N. Do, Fabrication, nonlinear modeling, and control of woven hydraulic artificial muscles for wearable applications, Sensors & Actuator A: Physics, Accepted 2023. 

[J129] S. Zhao, C.C. Nguyen, T.T. Hoang, T.N. Do, H.-P. Phan, Transparent pneumatic tactile sensors for soft biomedical robotics, Sensors, 23(12), 5671, 2023. [Link] (IF: 3.847)

[J128] T.-H. Vu, S. Yadav, C.-D. Tran, H.-Q. Nguyen, T.-H. Nguyen, T. Nguyen, T.-K. Nguyen, J. Fastier-Wooller, T. Dinh, H.-P Phan, H. Ta, N.-T. Nguyen, D. Dao, V. T.  Dau, Charge-reduced particles via self-propelled electrohydrodynamic atomisation for drug delivery applications, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 15, 25, 29777–29788, 2023.  (IF: 10.383) [Link]

[127] C. C. Nguyen,  T. Teh, M. T. Thai, P. T. Phan,  T. T. Hoang, J. Davies, H.-P. Phan, C. H. Wang, N. H. Lovell, T. N. Do, A Handheld Hydraulic Soft Robotic Device with Bidirectional Bending End-Effector for Minimally Invasive Surgery, IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics, 5(3), 590, 2023. [Link

[J126] C. C. Nguyen,   M. T. Thai, T. T. Hoang, J. Davies, P. T. Phan, K. Zhu, L. Wu, M. A. Brodie, D. Tsai, Q. P. Ha, H.-P. Phan, N. H. Lovell, T. N. Do, Design and Fabrication of a Novel Cardiac Ablation Catheter with Variable Stiffness Stabilizing Mechanism and Soft Sensor, Sensors and Actuators A,  357, 114380, 2023. [Link] (IF: 4.291)

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[J124] M.T. Thai, P.T. Phan, H.A. Tran, C.C. Nguyen, T.T. Hoang, J. Davies, J. Rnjak-Kovacina, H.-P. Phan, N.H. Lovell, T.N. Do, Advanced Soft Robotic System for In Situ 3D Bioprinting and Endoscopic Surgery, Advanced Science, 10(12), e2205656, 2023. (IF: 17.52) [Link]


[J123] C.C. Nguyen, S. Wong, M.T. Thai, T.T. Hoang, P.T. Phan, J. Davies, L. Wu, D. Tsai, H.-P. Phan,* N.H. Lovell, T.N. Do,* Advanced User Interfaces for Teleoperated Surgical Robotic Systems, Advanced Sensor Research, 2, 2200036, 2023. (Invited review paper) [Link] ​(Corresponding Author)

[J122] J. Davies, M.T. Thai, T.T. Hoang, C.C. Nguyen, P.T. Phan, H.-P. Phan, N.H. Lovell, T.N. Do, A Stretchable Filament Sensor with Tunable Sensitivity for Wearable Robotics and Healthcare Applications, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2023. Accepted (IF: 8.856) [Link] Inside Front Cover 

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[J119] T.T. Hoang, P.T. Phan, M.T. Thai, J. Davies, C.C. Nguyen, H.-P. Phan, N.H. Lovell, T.N. Do, Magnetically engineered conductivity of soft liquid metal composites for robotic, wearable electronic, and medical applications, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 4, 2200282, 2022.  (IF: 7.298) Inside Front Cover [Link]

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[J116] P.T. Phan, M.T. Thai, T.T. Hoang, J. Davies, C.C. Nguyen, H.-P. Phan, N.H. Lovell, T.N. Do, Smart Textiles Using Fluid-Driven Artificial Muscle Fibers, Scientific Reports, 12, 11067, 2022. [Link] (IF: 4.38) 

[J115] P. Guzman, T. Dinh, A. Qamar, J.S. Lee, X. Q. Zheng, P.X.L. Feng, M. Rais-Zadeh, H.-P. Phan, T. Nguyen, A. R. Md Foisal, H. Li, N.-T. Nguyen, D. V. Dao, Thermal-piezoresistive pumping on double SiC layer resonator for effective quality factor tuning, Sensors and Actuators A, 343(16), 113678, 2022. [Link] (IF: 3.407)

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[J106] T.-A. Truong, T.-K. Nguyen, H. Zhao, K. Nguyen, T. Dinh, Y. Park, T. Nguyen, Y. Yamauchi, N.-T. Nguyen, and H. P. Phan*, Engineering stress in thin films: An innovative pathway towards three-dimensional micro and nanosystems, Small, 18(4), 202105748, 2022. (IF: 13.3) [LinkBack Cover [pdf]


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*Tomota and Phan equally contributed to this work. [Link]

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