November 2021 

Dr. Phan and colleagues successfully organised the 2nd Griffith University ECR Cross-Institute Symposium on 5th November. The symposium brought together Early Career Researchers (PhD and up to 10 year post PhD) to network and share research and ideas on biomedical engineering. [Link]

September 2021
From 1 Oct, Dr. Phan will partly work at the University of Queensland as a visiting scholar (at the Yamauchi resarch group) to develop mesoporous nanoelectronics for physical sensors and health care applications. 

July 2021
Griffith Spotlights – research for a brighter future. Integrated Microelectronic Platform for Advanced Health Care and Therapy Spotlight is featured on Griffith News. The vision of this Spotlight is to quantify and interpret human movement to unlock effective rehabilitation and injury prevention. [Link]

March 2021
A/Prof. David Garrett (ARC Future Fellow) from RMIT University delivered an invited talk to QMNC's March Webinar. Prof. Garrett provided a snapshot on his work on neuron-electronic interfaces using a wide range of materials and architecture from diamond, graphene, to carbon fibers. His devices show promising potentials for bio implantation applications including restoring vision (bionic eyes), regaining the sense of sound (cochlea implant), and decoding neural activities (brain-machine interface). What a fantastic talk and many thanks, Dave! [Link for abstract]

December 2020
Dr. Phan will lead a new research program (Griffith Spotlight) entitled "Integrated Microelectronic Platform for Advanced health-Care and Therapy - IMPACT" together with Dr. Claudio Pizzolato from Menzies Health Institute. The program will fund two full time research associates (one in Phan's lab and one in Pizzolato's lab) to develop wearable devices and data analysis algorithms for personal health care applications. Phan is also a CI of another project funded this round and led by Prof. Paulo De Souza

November 2020
Research at Phan's lab featured in the Australia's most popular newspapers such as Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times, and Western Australia Today.