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Opening positions

UNSW, Sydney is ranked #1 in Australia in Engineering, and among the top 50 universities worldwide. The Phan-lab is seeking highly motivated, excellent Ph.D. students to work on advanced materials, electronics and sensors, for biomedical applications (e.g. wearable and implantable devices). Prospective applicants should have a background in one of the following fields: applied physics, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering. Experience in lithography with excellent hand-on skills in micro/nano machining is desired but not compulsory. Outstanding candidates will have opportunities for scholarships (tuition waiver and stipend scholarship of approx. 28,000AUD per annual) from UNSW or other joint partners such as SCS (China), HEC (Pakistan), VinGroup (Vietnam), ANIS (Chile), and  GOstralia. Successful applicants will work with a vibrant, multidisciplinary research team led by Dr. Phan and his collaborators in Australia, USA, Germany, Japan, Korea on one of the following research project:

- Soft bio-barrier for long-lived implanted electronics
- Wireless implantable mechanical sensors for health monitoring
- Monolithic, multimodal sensors

- Wireless, wearable sensors using silicon-on-insulator technology
- Implantable flexible stimulation electrodes for neural modulation
- High density, low impedance electrodes for cardio physiology 
- Mesoporous electronics and sensors
- Biodegradable electronics for health care applications
- 3D micro and nanoarchitectures for sensors and optoelectronics
- Sensors and electrodes for surgical robotics
- Soft physiological sensors for haptic control and humanoid robots
- Smart architectures for stretchable implanted sensors
- Integrated electronics for lab-on-chip and organ-on-chips
- MEMS sensors for environmental monitoring
- Advanced laser machining technologies

Please contact Dr. Hoang-Phuong Phan for further discussion and consideration. 

Information for Ph.D. scholarships at UNSW is available at

Email: hp.phan (at)


Ainsworth Building
J17, Engineering Rd,
ensington NSW 2052
Gate 12 Barker Street

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