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Material growth facilities


LPCVD hot-wall chamber

  • Deposition SiC nanothin film on to Si substrate

  • Large sale wafer up to 300-mm in diameter

  • Multiple wafer deposition in a single run

  • In situ dopant


Silicon oxide growth

  • Low temperature oxide deposition chamber (at 400C)

  • Wet thermal oxidation chamber (thermo oxide)

Fabrication facilities


Lithography instrumentation

  • Doubles-sided aligner

  • Mask-less aligner (MLA 150)

  • Spincoaters compatible with 6-inch wafer

  • Photoresist developing equipment


Wet/dry etching

  • ICP etcher (SiC/Si)

  • RIE (SiC, Si)

  • Fume hood for wet etching (KOH, TMAH, HNA)


  • Metal sputtering system

  • Thermal evaporator


  • Spin coater for soft materials (Polyimide, PDMS, SU8)

  • Laser machining

  • 3D-printer for molding (PDMS, EcoFlex)

  • Vacuum oven

Characterization facilities

Material characterization

  • AFM (Park System)

  • SEM (JEOL)

  • Raman Spectroscopy (Renishaw)

  • Optical Microscope

  • Florescent microscope

  • Others (TEM,XRD) with CMM at UQ

Electrical characterization

  • Electron device parameter analyzer (Agilent A1500)

  • Keysight Multimeter

  • Keysight Oscilloscope

  • Function generators

  • Network Analyzer

  • Wire bonding machine

  • High temperature probe station

Mechanical characterization

  • Liner-motor stretcher

  • Tensile testing machines (Located at GC campus)

  • Temperature-controllable Linkam chamber

  • Air pressure setup

  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer

  • Syringe pumps (for microfluidics) 

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